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Independent Advisory Board

The Supervisory Board will be supported and advised by an expert Independent Advisory, which will meet annually. Please see a description of the Advisory Board below.

The Independent Advisory Board consists of:

Dr. Maria Barbosa

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, The Nederlands

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Ebenhöh
Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany, &
University of Aberdeen, Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, Scotland

Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf

Co-founder of Novagreen


Three members have now been selected for this Independent Advisory Board and they will also be present during the Midterm Review. The Independent Advisory Board consist of Dr. Maria Barbosa, Dr. Oliver Ebenhöh and Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf.

Dr. Maria Barbosa is employed at Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, Biobased Products in the Netherlands, and is a specialist within our research field with an excellent CV. Among other activities she is working within the area of biorefinery of microalgae for food and fuel and numerous other relevant topics ( Furthermore, Dr. Maria Barbosa is the Coordinator of two large research projects funded by the European Union (SPLASH, Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons, and FUEL4ME, Future European League for microalgal energy).

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ebenhöh is employed 80% at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany, and 20% at University of Aberdeen, Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, Scotland. Oliver Ebenhöh's research group is focussed on understanding molecular interaction networks using theoretical approaches. An overall goal of his research is to link physical sciences to biology to derive a theoretical understanding of living systems ( and ). Furthermore, Oliver Ebenhöh is Coordinator of the ITN AccliPhot, which has a strong research focus on the development of mathematical models of photosynthesis and plant metabolism. His participation in the Advisory Board will further strengthen the connection to this ITN.

Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf is the previous PI from Novagreen but is no longer employed there. CEO Rudolf Cordes has replaced him as PI for Novagreen and Theodor is now a member of the Advisory Board instead. Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf has a background in plant biochemistry and plant molecular biology. After 8 years as postdoc and visiting scientist in the USA and Denmark he was managing director of the green biotech company Novoplant to produce green pharmaceuticals. He co-founded Novagreen in 2004. Originally set up to produce recombinant antibodies and vaccines for veterinary purposes in microalgae the business focus shifted to the production of high value ingredients.

We expect that the Independent Advisory Board members’ strong scientific backgrounds and Coordinator-experience will be extremely beneficial for their guidance of the Supervisory Board.