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ER/ESR Progress Review Committees

Each fellow employed on the project will have an ER/ESR Progress Review Committee assigned to them. There are three ER/ESR Progress Review Committees each consisting of one PI from the industry and two PIs from the university partners. These committees will give advice on drafting the personal development plan and will review progress at every 6-monthly network meeting. Reports of the meetings, including reference to relevant milestones and deliverables, will be sent to the Executive and Recruitment Board. The committees consist of the following persons:

ER/ESR Progress Review Committee I:

Dr. Vitor Verdelho

Dr. Patrik Jones

Imperial College of London


Prof. Colin Robinson

University of Kent


ER/ESR Progress Review Committee II:

Dr. Reza Ranjbar


Prof. Alison Smith

University of Cambridge

Prof. Wolfgang Hess
University of Freiburg


ER/ESR Progress Review Committee III:

CEO Rudolf Cordes
Prof. Oded Beja
Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)
Prof. and Coordinator Poul Erik Jensen
University of Copenhagen


Distribution of Progress Committees and Chairs:

Each fellow has been connected to a certain Progress Committee to whom they report and present each six months. The meetings are chaired by the fellows, so each fellow has been assigned another fellow as their chair. See below how these are distributed.

Fellow Name Progress Committee Chair
ESR1 José Uribe II Tiago Guerra
ESR2 Ulrich Johan Kudahl I Nodumo Zulu
ESR3 David Malatinszky III Witold Januszewski
ESR4 Anthony Riseley III Gergana Kostova
ESR5 Gergana Kostova III Anthony Riseley
ESR6 Witold Januszewski III Doreen Heerd
ESR7 Martina Angeleri I Artur Wlodarczyk
ESR8 Julie Zedler II Erick Martinez
ESR9 Doris Gangl II José Uribe
ESR10 Artur Wlodarczyk I Martina Angeleri
ESR11 Erick Martinez II Julie Zedler
ESR12 Nodumo Zulu I Ulrich Johan Kudahl
ER1 Doreen Heerd III David Malatinszky
ER2 Tiago Guerra II Doris Gangl