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01 June 2015

Blog post from PHOTO.COMM fellow


Anthony Riseley has written a blog post for an international students society called the Global Biotech Revolution.

The blog post is presenting perspectives and ideas that are related to the GapSummit 2014. Anthony decribes the importance of algae and how they can be used to tackle some of the major challenges our society is facing. He emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating to and educating the public as well as recruiting the best scientists into plant science. To underline this importance Anthony has founded an outreach “masterclass” for year 12 high school students to get a hands on molecular biology experience with an emphasis on algae and plant science.

The event is called the “Algae Biotech Experience”, and will consist of lectures (including an introduction to plant science, ethics and efficacy of GMO’s), wet lab practical’s (PCR, protein extractions), computational projects bioinformatics/protein
structure visualisation), microscopy and even algae tasting (supplied by a collaborating algae producing business).

The Algea Biotech Experience has just received sponsorships from the Society of General Microbiology and the Biochemical Society.