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27 August 2015

New publications from PHOTO.COMM


We are happy to announce that the following two publications have been accepted

  • Roitman, S., Flores-Uribe, J., Philosof, A., Knowles, B., Rohwer, F., Ignacio-Espinoza, J.C., Sullivan, M.B., Cornejo-Castillo, F.M., Sanchez, P., Acinas, S.G., Dupont, C.L., and Beja, O. (2015) Closing the gaps on the viral photosystem-I psaDCAB gene organization. Environ. Microbiol. Link to publication
  • Gangl D,  Zedler J,  Rajakumar PD, Martinez EMR, Riseley A, Wlodarczyk A, Purton S, Sakuragi YHowe CJJensen PE, and Robinson C (2015) Biotechnological exploitation of microalgae. J. Experimental Botany. Accepted.

The underlined authors are fellows and PIs from the PHOTO.COMM consortium.

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