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10 February 2015

Primary school children learn about microalgae


Fellow Martina Angeleri taught Italian students from primary school about microalgae

Fellow Martina Angeleri tells how it went: "During my staying in Italy for Christmas holiday I did an outreach activity, that consist in introducing students (2 classes = 2 lecture of 2h each ) of a primary school to microalgae."

"Children had already studied with their own teacher about plants kingdom mostly looking at the nature around them and have studied that plantae are at the base of the food chain because they don´t need anything else that light, oxygen and salt to survive."

"During my 2h class I first did a short and interactive presentation repeating some of the main features of plant, introducing the concept of photosynthesis and  also introducing them to the microalgae i.e.  invisible photosynthetic organism. After that, they have been divided in group that where rotating doing 3 activities: watch microalgae and cyanobacteria picture on a computer, observe microalgae culture by eyes and using a loupe and observe microalgae using a microscope."

"I brought with me a culture of Synechocystis 6803, Anabaena 7002 and Chlamydomonas WT, but we observed only Anabaena and Chlamydomonas because the microscopes we had weren´t good enough to see clearly Synechocystis. However, they could clearly see the Anabaena filaments and Chlamydomoas cell swimming around even if it wasn´t possible to see the flagella. After that they had to draw what they remember from the class."

One of the many beautiful drawings