PHOTO.COMM speakers at 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress – University of Copenhagen

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19 March 2015

PHOTO.COMM speakers at 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress


Coordinator Prof. Poul Erik Jensen and PI Prof. Allison Smith are among the invited speakers at the 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress, 20-21 October 2015.

Synthetic Biology: Human Health, Plants and Investment

Synthetic biology is one of the most promising areas of modern science, with a wealth of potential for developments in healthcare and plant research. Predicted to be worth $38.7bn globally in 2020, investors and governments are constantly looking for new advances in the field and for companies to support.

The meeting's agenda has been specially designed for experts working in genome engineering, technological developments, protein design, cell building, bio-manufacturing and gene editing.

The Synthetic Biology Congress will cover three distinct areas:

  1. Healthcare and Drug Discovery
  2. Plant Synthetic Biology
  3. Investment Strategy, Start-Ups and Bioethics

See the agenda