From idea to business – University of Copenhagen

From Idea to Business &
Research training on intellectual property rights

London, 1-3 Sept 2014

Objective: To train consortium ERs and ESRs, by theory and practical assignments with feedback, the basic principles and considerations involved in the creation and evaluation of business ideas and proposals. Ideally, the ideas and business proposals you create and evaluate are in some way related to the consortium (e.g. using photobiologial microorganisms) or your specific research project. However, don’t be afraid to think
broadly. Anything from incremental to disruptive is acceptable.

Assignments prior to the training event:

  1. Read the entire book “The smart entrepreneur: How to build for a successful business” by Clarysse
    and Kiefer. New York : Elliott & Thompson 2011. A copy is provided to all participants in May.
  2. Complete an online multi-choice quiz based exclusively on the book due June 30 at the latest. Details to
    be provided.
  3. Write a ‘Business Proposal’, 1-2 page max including any possible images. Aim for one idea from each
    person, you may consider very briefly a possible plan B. A template will be provided in June. The proposal is
    due July 31 to in PDF format.
  4.  Prepare a 1-2 min business pitch (oral, props are OK if necessary, no powerpoint) based on your
    business proposal, to be delivered on the first day of the course. Instructions will be provided.

1-3 Sept: Training event. Download the draft for the agenda.
Download an introduction to the course.
4-5 Sept: Consortium meeting including Supervisory Board meeting. Download a draft of the agenda.

Main Organizer: Dr. Patrik Jones

Further information: For further information please contact Dr. Patrik Jones (