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Summer School in Industrial Microalgae Systems

Vimeiro, Portugal, 22-25 May 2014

ESRs and ERs will get an in-depth look in a working algal production. Topics will include basic information on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), QS-management, growth and harvesting of microalgae and downstream processing, refining of oils and extraction of other bioproducts. 

22-25 May: Summer school. Download the detailed program for the Summer School. 
26 May: Consortium meeting. Download agenda for Consortium Meeting and Supervisory Board meeting.
27 May: Midterm Review. Download agenda for the Midterm Review.
28 May: Supervisory Board Meeting. Download agenda for Consortium Meeting and Supervisory Board meeting.

Main Organizer: Dr. Vitor Verdelho (vvv@a4f.pt)
Co-organizers: Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf (tf@novagreen-microalgae.de) & Dr. Reza Ranjbar (reza.ranjbar@algaebiotech.es)

Further information: For further information please contact fellow Thiago Guerra (tiago.guerra@algafuel.pt), Joana Silva (joana.silva@algafuel.pt) or Silvia Ferreira (silvia.sferreira@algafuel.pt).

The PHOTO.COMM Consortium and the Independent Advisory Board at Vimeiro, Portugal. Click the photo for a higher resolution