kick-off - Research Skills in Microalgae – University of Copenhagen

Kick-off event: Research Skills in Microalgae

Copenhagen, 1-4 May 2013


The kick-off meeting took place in Copenhagen at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences from 1-3 May. The meeting consisted of a series of talks by all the present participants including PIs and fellows: The PIs gave training lectures on research skills in microalgae, covering photosynthesis, metabolism, genetic manipulation and industrial bioreactors, and the fellows presented their background and their present projects. Furthermore, the three participant companies were responsible for an evening session discussion regarding which hopes and expectations the companies have for the outcome of the collaboration with the universities. 

The training event was followed by a Supervisory Board meeting.

Please see the agenda and list of presentations for both the training event and the Supervisory Board meeting.

PHOTO.COMM consortium at kick-off meeting