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13 February 2014

Inclusion of Imperial College of London

Dr. Patrik Jones has moved from University of Turku to Imperial Collegue of London (ICL)together with fellow David Malatinszky (ESR3) since 1-Nov 2013. Therefore, we are at the moment applying to include ICL in the Consortium of PHOTO.COMM - an inclusion that we should all benefit greatly from.

The move to ICL benefits the project and the ESRs in several ways:

We will not lose a partner but gain one and Imperial College of London is a university of world class. Therefore David Malatinszky is really excited about this opportunity to change to a university that will provide him with a high quality of education and training and further improve his CV.

Not only David but also all the other fellows will benefit from this additional opportunity to second to a university with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Also one of the training events will be organized by Dr. Patrik Jones at ICL, so all fellows will re-ceive training from this high ranking university. This is a training event in "From Idea to Business"first week of September 2014. He is already well ahead in the planning and information will be available on the website as soon as the program is set.

Both for PIs and fellows the inclusion opens a door to an even broader collaboration network with increased input to the research and optimised chances for the fellows to pursue Postdoctoral fellowship or similar after the project period.