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30 July 2015

Algae Biotech Experience


Full day event arranged 25-July by fellow Anthony Riseley, taking the students through a few core molecular biology techniques that are applied to all areas of biology (e.g. medicine, humans, animals, plants, microbes and even forensics). Anthony supervised the day together with fellow Johan Kudahl.

The Algae Biotech Experience (ABE) was an event which aimed to: (1) Engage the 15 participating students into the importance and relevance of microbiology in the 21st century; (2) Challenge the students to conduct real scientific experiments and molecular techniques such as PCR and phycobillisome extractions and;(3) Help the students to discover the importance of algae science on our daily life and its relevance to solving problems such as the energy crisis and food security.

The day included wet lab practical’s (PCR, phycobilisome extractions), computational projects (bioinformatics/protein structure visualisation), a lecture from a Cambridge scientist, a lab tour and microscopy of various algae species.

Download the program.

Fellow Johan Kudahl supervising the students

Fellow Anthony Riseley supervising the students lab exercise