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Outreach and events

[50] Publication A Young Algaeneers Perspective, July 2016
A letter to the editor discusses the outcomes of YAS2016 on Malta. The authors are all fellows from PHOTO.COMM and AccliPhot.

[49] 5th newsletter from PHOTO.COMM, June 2016  
Read all about the ENCAPP conference, YAS symposium, how it is to defend your PhD thesis, and how life is in and after a Marie Curie ITN. See more

[48] Newsstory regarding publication, May 2016

The microalge are cultured in large transparent plastic bags in greenhouses (here Novagreen) using natural light. Photo: Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

The news story "Modified microalgae converts sunlight into valuable medicine" based on one of PHOTO.COMM's publications was posted both via the Faculty of Science (see here) and Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN, see  here) at University of Copenhagen. 

[47] Brochure about PHOTO.COMM and being a Marie Curie fellow, April 2016
A brochure was handed out in connection to conference ENCAPP2016. The brochure was created by the fellows and informed about PHOTO.COMM and how life is as a Marie Curie fellow.

[46] Showing algae at Cambridge Science Festival, March 2016
Fellow Anthony Riseley was showing the public algae under the microscope at the Cambridge Science Festival. Furthermore, they could try out making algae from pipe cleaners. See more here.

[45] Fellow talks during career guidance week in Vienna, Dec 2015
Fellow Doris Gangl visited a secondary school in Vienna to give a talk as part of their careers guidance week. She talked about her project, how she became a scientist and what her job is like on a day-to-day basis.

[44] Blogpost about publication from PHOTO.COMM, Dec 2015
New blog post about using photosynthetic electrons to drive cytochrome P450 enzymes in cyanobacteria based on article by researchers from PHOTO.COMM. The blog was originally posted on the PLOS Synbio blog. You can read the highlights here.

© 2014 Lassen et al. Anchoring a Plant Cytochrome P450 via PsaM to the Thylakoids in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002: Evidence for Light-Driven Biosynthesis. PLoS ONE 9(7): e102184. Under Creative Commons Attribution License.

[43] 4th PHOTO.COMM newsletter is out, Oct 2015
See our 4th newsletter for updates about training events, outreach, secondments, our final conference ENCAPP2016, Young Algaeneers Symposium 2016 etc.

[42] Fellow wins second prize at EPC6 conference, Aug 2015
Fellow Julie Zedler was selected based on a video presentation to give a presentation at EPC6 conference and won second prize. See more

[41] Student visit, 27th/28th Aug 2015

Fellow Anthony Riseley and visiting student Matt Jackson

Fellow Anthony Riseley had a student (Matt Jackson) join him for a couple of days in the lab for two day on  27th and 28th of Aug. They were carrying out all sorts of experiments including PCR's and setting up growth curves.

[40] SEMINAR: E.coli and Chlamydomonas. 30 July 2015  
by Prof. Colin Robinson: New platforms for the production of biopharmaceuticals and high-value compounds. See more

[39] Algae Biotech Experience. 25 July 2015. Download report
Full day event arranged by fellow Anthony Riseley, taking the students through a few core molecular biology techniques that are applied to all areas of biology (e.g. medicine, humans, animals, plants, microbes and even forensics. Anthony supervised the day together with fellow Johan Kudahl. See more

Fellow Anthony Riseley supervising the students at Algae Biotech Experience

[38] Botanical Gardens (Cambridge) Careers day. 10 July 2015.
Full Day event. Students carried out a phycobilisome extraction (Blue Smarties Dye) under the supervision of fellow Anthony Riseley. See more

One of the students at the Botanical Gardens Career Day with extracted Blue Smarties Dye

[37] STEM-Careers Day at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, 1 July 2015
Students carried out a phycobilisome extraction (Blue Smarties Dye) under the supervision of fellow Anthony Riseley at this half day event. See more 

[36] Life as Marie Curie fellow, June 2015
Freemasons New Zealand magazine published an article about fellow Anthony Riseleys time at Cambridge University. It was brought in Issue 2, Vol 43, June 2015. See more

[35] Video presentation from PHOTO.COMM fellow, June 2015  
Fellow Julie Zedler has been funded by FEMS and BPS grants to give a talk at the 6th European Phycological Congress. See the video below which was part of her application.  


[34] Blog post from fellow Anthony Riseley, May 2015
Anthony Riseley has written a blog post for an international students society called the Global Biotech Revolution. See more.

[33] PI from PHOTO.COMM invited speaker at AquaFEED, April 24 - 26, 2015, Uppsala
PI Professor Wolfgang Hess is one of the speakers at the Metabolic Innovations and Novel Materials for Biofuels conference organized by the AquaFEED consortium.

[32] 3rd newsletter is available, March 2015
Get access to all our newsletters.

[31] Fellows arranged MolBiolEvening - Febr.2015
Fellows Witold (Witek) Januszewski and Gergana Kostova organised an open-invite molecular biology evening at the Catholic German Students’ Association Wildenstein on 2.02.2015, so as to introduce students from different faculties and universities to molecular biology. They tell about the event on Tumbl here.

[30] Participation in the COST Action "EUALGAE"   
Prof. Poul Erik Jensen is one of the participants in the COST Action "European network for algal-bioproducts (EUALGAE)” See more

[29] PHOTO.COMM speakers at 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress,  Oct 2015.
Coordinator Prof. Poul Erik Jensen and PI Prof. Allison Smith are among the invited speakers at the 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress, 20-21 October 2015. See more

[28] Talk at grammar school. Febr 2015
Fellow Julie Zedler was at Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School 27-February. Here she was talking about her research, PHOTO.COMM and algae at the school's Biology Society, which is run by two students. This is part of her activities as a STEM-ambassador.

[27] Presentation as STEM ambassador, Febr 2015
Fellow and STEM ambassador Anthony Riseley has presented at STEM conference-Peterborough how plants, algae and the science have influenced the world we live in to a number of year 11 students at Hampton School (see more). The conference was organised by the STEMnet foundation

[26] Teaching high school kids about microalgae and lipids, Jan 2015
Fellow Nodumo Zulu invited high school kids to hear about microalgae and get hand on experience with identifying lipids. Four high shool kids from Europaschule Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium visited the University of Göttingen on the 28 of January, 2015. Here fellow Nodumo Zulu first gave a presentation to introduce them to microalgae in general and planned a short practical course for them to identify the lipids in Phaeodactylum tricornutum. See more.

[25] Teaching Primary school Children about Microalgae, Dec 2014
Fellow Martina Angeleri taught Italian students from primary school about microalgae. See more photos and hear about her experience here: https://photocomm.ku.dk/news/news-2015/primaryschool_microalgae/

[24] The Algae Biotech Experience, Dec 2014
Fellow Anthony Riseley has has built this website and concept named The Algae Biotech Experience as an outreach activity. The website contains an amazing video about the Private Life of Algae, presented by among others Professor Alison Smith, PI from University of Cambridge. For students The Algae Biotech Experience offers hands on experience in biological science, with a particular emphasis on algae research.

[23] Work presented at Synbio Conference in Berkeley, Nov 2014
The main organizer of the conference was University of Copenhagen. Prof. Poul Erik Jensen was both chair of the Conference Committe as well as speaker and chairman at the conference. Besides being the Coordinator of PHOTO.COMM and vicehead of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre he is also Project Leader on the project Plant Power, under which the conference was arranged. From PHOTO.COMM participated fellow Artur Włodarczyk who presented a poster, as well as PI Associated Prof. Yumiko Sakuragi (presenting a talk) and PI Prof. Colin Robinson. See more

[22] Lecture at Experimentarium open to the public, 22-Oct 2014
Coordinator Prof. Poul Erik Jensen will give a Lundbeck Foundation lecture entitled "The science behind sustainable conversion - the green solution", organized by the People's University. See more

[21] Fellows organizing Plastid Preview meeting, Sep 2014
Fellows Julie Zedler and Doris Gangl organized a Plastid Preview Meeting, and PHOTO.COMM was acknowledged in the program (download program). There were around 50 participants. Over half of the meeting was held as a workshop on exploitation of microalgae. The talks were mainly given by PhD students and postdocs but also two microalgae companies gave talks (AlgaeCytes and Algenuity) and there was a presentation from the director of the US Department of Energy's national algae testbed.

[20] Find us on Facebook, Sep 2014
Fellow ESR11 Erick Martinez has created a Facebook page for the project. You will find us at https://www.facebook.com/AlgaePhotocomm. He has also created the nice poster you find here: https://photocomm.ku.dk/participants/ 

[19] PHOTO.COMM on twitter, Sept 2014
Our 4th training event is off to a flying start and can be followed in our twitter feed on the front page.

[18] 2nd Newsletter out, July 2014
Our 2nd Newsletter is now available for download.

[17] Travel grant for Julie Zedler and presentation to British Phycological Society, June 2014
Fellow ESR8 Julie Zedler was awarded a travel grant from British Phycological Society to attend their 62nd Annual Meeting 25-27 June, held in Galway, Ireland. Julie gave a presentation there entitled “Novel strategies for the production of high value compounds in transgenic microalgae”, which outlined the results of her first year.

[16] Poster awards for fellows Anthony Riseley and Erick Martinez, May 2014
In connections to our 4th Consortium Meeting in Protugal all 14 fellows presented their work on posters to the rest of the consortium and the Independant Advisory Board. The latter consisting of Jun.-Prof. Oliver Ebenhoeh and Dr. Maria Barbosa selected the two best posters. Anthony Riseley was awarded 1st prize and Erick Martinez the 2nd prize.

[15] Participation in Science Research Festival, 13-5-2014
Fellows Doris Gangl and Julie Zedler have participated in the Science Research Festival 2014 arranged by University of Kent. They presented a poster to Scientists from different fields (not only Biosciences). Download flyer.

[14] Fellows as STEM Ambassadors
Several of the fellows from PHOTO.COMM have signed up to become STEM Ambassadors in order to identify more outreach opportunities. STEM Ambassadors (formerly SEAs) was launched in January 2002 by Lord Sainsbury and Baroness Ashton and is funded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS). The main purpose of the STEM Ambassadors Programme is to support pupils, teachers and schools by enriching and enhancing the curriculum, thereby encouraging an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) subjects. More specifically, the scheme is intended to assist in (1) enabling young people to make links between what they learn at school and the world of work, (2) giving them an understanding of the types of careers that are open to them if they study science, technology, ICT and mathematics, (3) motivating and enthusing young people to develop their science, technology, ICT and math skills further, and (4) providing positive role models for young people in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

[13] PHOTO.COMM in the media, 25-April 2014, DK
An article about PHOTO.COMM and Plant Power has been brought in the Danish online magazine for popular science Videnskab.dk. With the article we wish to soften and nuance the generally negative view on GMO in the public. See the article in Videnskab.dk (only available in Danish).

Fellow Johan Kudahl giving a seminar for The Society of Biology.

[12] Seminar held for The Society of Biology, 24-April, UK
Fellow Johan Kudahl and others from Department of Plant Sciences (University of Cambridge) held a seminar for The Society of Biology at the event "Plant Sciences Big Themes". The Society of Biology is a single unified voice for biology: advising Government and influencing policy; advancing education and professional development; supporting their members, and engaging and encouraging public interest in the life sciences. The Society represents a diverse membership of individuals, learned societies and other organisations. See more photos from the event.

[11] Participation in UCAS days – University of Kent 19.3.2014 and 26.3.14
Fellows Doris Gangl and Julie Zedler participated in UCAS Days at the University of Kent. Both Open Days (see [5] below) and UCAS days are opportunities for prospective students and their parents to have a look around the campus, meet the staff and go on guided tours around the departments. On these occasions the fellows showed small groups of people around the lab and talked about current projects and the involvement in PHOTO.COMM.

[10] Participation in Cambridge Science Festival, March 2014, UK
Fellow Anthony Riseley participated in the Cambridge Science Festival and was teaching about the amazing, yet private, life of plants and algae, and as he later stated "the kids were great and I think I managed to inspire some future plant biotechnologists". Read more about Cambridge Science Festival

Fellow Anthony Riseley at Cambridge Science Festival

[9] Seminar by Dr. Danièle Werck, 20 Febr 2014, Copenhagen
Title: Discovery of the metabolism of monoterpenols: from plant chemical ecology to the biosynthesis of anticancer compounds. Seminar by Professor Dr. Danièle Werck, Research Director at Universite de Strasbourg. Partner in the ITN P4FIFTY.

[8] Newsletter out, Febr 2014
Please see our newsletter which contains presentation of some of our partners and fellows as well as descriptions of our training events.

[7] Microalgae Biotechnology - 1st Advanced course. 18-22-Nov, Portugal
One of the industrial partners, A4F, organized this additional course in order to promote the development of microalgae as new crop. This course was intended for graduate students and scientists with some experience in the field and two of the fellows from PHOTO.COMM, Erick Martinez and Anthony Riley, participated along with other students from outside the consortium. Download flyer.

[6] Fellows' profiles available, Oct 2013
All fellows have produced profiles with their project titles and affilliation, background education, research experience and interests. Please download the profile under each of the fellows. Furthermore, the fellows will also be presented on turn in our newsletters.

[5] Canterbury University Open days –University of Kent, 18.9.13 and 5.10.13
Fellows Doris Gangl and Julie Zedler participated in Open Days at the University of Kent. Both Open Days and UCAS days (see [11] above) are opportunities for prospective students and their parents to have a look around the campus, meet the staff and go on guided tours around the departments. On these occasions they showed small groups of people around the lab and talked about current projects and the involvement in PHOTO.COMM.

[4] Interaction with the ITN Accliphot, from Sep 2013
The fellow David Malatinszky was offered a chance to participate in a training workshop organized by another ITN project Accliphot coordinated by Oliver Ebenhoeh. The training workshop was specifically on the topic that David is working on, i.e. computational modeling of metabolism. We have agreed that when ever there is room for addtional fellows on the training events of either Accliphot or PHOTO.COMM students from the other ITN are very welcome to participate. Furthermore, we have invited Oliver Ebenhöeh (as well as Maria Barbosa from Wageningen) to be part of our Independent Advidosory Board and to participate in our Midterm Review.  

[3] Mini symposium, 2 Sep 2013, Cambridge:
PHOTO.COMM supported a mini symposium "Cambridge Algae Symposium" in Cambridge on 2 September, where all 4 ESRs currently in the UK (Ulrich Johan Kudahl, Anthony Riseley, Julie Zedler & Doris Gangl) attended. Download a booklet from the symposium.

[2] ISB News Report July 2013:
See the article "Using Synthetic Biology to Retarget Biosynthetic Pathways to the Chloroplast for Direct Access to the Products of Photosynthesis" (page 9-13) - by Poul Erik Jensen, Lærke Marie Münther Lassen, Thiyagarajan Gnanasekaran, Agnieszka Zygadlo Nielsen and Birger Lindberg Møller.

[1] Article in the Danish Newpaper Ingenøren
See the Danish article "Danske forskere vil omdanne planters grønkorn til medicinfabrikker" (in English: "Danish researchers will transform plant chloroplasts to medicine factories" - only available in Danish)