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Please see the list of participants below as well as the illustration of where they are situated. You will find the different boards and the management team under Management.

Map of participants. Please click the image to download in a higher resolution


University of Copenhagen
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
PI and Coordinator: Professor Poul Erik Jensen 
Associate professor Yumiko Sakuragi
University of Kent
School of Biosciences
PI: Professor Colin Robinson
University of Cambridge
Department of Plant Sciences
PI: Professor Alison Smith
Professor Chris Howe
University of Turku
Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry
PI: Professor Eva-Mari Aro
Assist prof. Natalia Battchikova
Imperial College of London 
Department of Life Sciences
PI: Dr. Patrik Jones  
University of Freiburg
Faculty of Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics
PI: Professor Wolfgang Hess
Dr. Björn Voβ
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Faculty of Biology
PI: Professor Oded Beja

Private sector

A4F- AlgaFuel, SA
Dr. Vitor Verdelho
Dr. Luís Costa
Novagreen GmbH
Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf
Algae Biotech, NL 
Dr. Reza Ranjbar
Dr. Guido Evers

Third party 

University of Göttingen
Prof. Dr. Ivo Feuβner