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Training events and workshops

Our fellows will attend multiple trainings and workshops to learn about all steps along the innovation chain: from fundamental science, via Intellectual Property procurement and all the way through to actual implementation of photobiotechnology in commercial practice. 

Here you find and overview of the traning events and workshops offered to our fellows as well as meetings in the Supervisory Board. The dates are tentative and may be subjected to changes. For details see below.

# Training event Planned date Planned venue
1 Kick-off. Research Skills in Microalgae May 2013 Copenhagen, DK
2 Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptomic and Genomic Datasets in Metabolic Context
- With Emphasis on Oxygenic Phototrophs
Sep 2013 Freiburg, DE

Summer School on Industrial Microalgae Systems

+ Midterm Review

May 2014 Vimeiro, PT

From Idea to Business

+ Research Training on Intellectual Property Rights

Sept 2014

London, UK


Fellowship Proposal Writing

May 2015 Kent, UK

Plastid Preview + feedback on Thesis Structure

Sep 2015 Essex, UK

Major International Conference:
ENCAPP - European Networks Conference on Algal and Plant Photosynthesis

+ closing meeting

26-29 April 2016

St Paul's Bay, Malta


Short description of each training event:

1. Kick-off. Introduction to PHOTO.COMM and Research Skills in Microalgae

Where:  Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, U. of Copenhagen, DK
1-3 May 2013: Training event
4 May 2013: Supervisory Board meeting

Organizer: Project Manager Kristine Kirkensgaard

  The kick-off meeting will bring together all consortium members. The introduction of members (PIs, ESRs, and ERs) will be followed by a series of training lectures on research skills in microalgae, covering photosynthesis, metabolism, genetic manipulation and industrial bioreactors. The meeting will explicitly encourage networking so that partners can plan secondments and collaborations in further details.

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2. Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptomic and Genomic Datasets in Metabolic Context
- With Emphasis on Oxygenic Phototrophs

Where:  University of Freiburg, DE
9-11 Sept 2013: Training event
11 Sept 2013: Supervisory Board meeting

Organizer: Prof. Wolfgang Hess

  The workshop will introduce techniques and approaches that are used for modeling of biological systems, with an emphasis on analysis/interpretation of transcriptome and metagenome data. Attendees will receive hands-on training in the computational methods involved and the final part of the workshop will perform detailed discussions of the data that will be generated and analysed during the project.

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3. Summer School on Industrial Microalgae Systems

Where:  Vimeiro, PT
22-25 May 2014: Training event
26 May 2014: Progress meeting & Supervisory Board meeting 
27 May 2014: Midterm Review
28 May 2014: Supervisory Board meeting

Organizers: Dr. Vitor Verdelho (main organizer), Dr. Theodor Fahrendorf and Dr. Reza Ranjbar.

ESRs and ERs will get an in-depth look in a working algal production. Topics will include basic information on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), QS-management, growth and harvesting of microalgae and downstream processing, refining of oils and extraction of other bioproducts. 

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4. From Idea to Business + IPR

Where: Imperial College of London, UK 
When: Sep 2014
1-3 Sep 2014: Training event

4-5 Sep 2014: Consortium Meeting including Progress meetings & Supervisory Board meeting 
Organizer: Prof. Patrik Jones

The objective is to train fellows, by theory and practical assignments with feedback, the basic principles and considerations involved in the creation and evaluation of business ideas and proposals. Ideally, the ideas and business proposals you create and evaluate are in some way related to the consortium (e.g. using photobiologial microorganisms) or your specific research project. However, don’t be afraid to think
broadly. Anything from incremental to disruptive is acceptable.

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5. Fellowship Proposal Writing

Where:  Kent, UK
3-5 May 2015: Training event
6-7 May 2015: Consortium meeting and Supervisory Board meeting

Organizer: Prof. Colin Robinson

  The course will  provide training in how to write grant/fellowship applications. Prior to the meeting, discussions between the fellows and their two supervisors will identify which type of fellowship is of most relevance (e.g. Marie Curie IEF, EMBO, or national grant panel fellowships). The fellows will then write project proposals in advance. During the network meeting these will be considered by mock panels. Importantly, the panels will include both fellows and supervisors; this will help to inform the fellows of how fellowship proposals are judged and what panels are looking for. Afterwards, each fellow will meet with the relevant panel to receive feedback.

6. Plastid Preview Conference+ feedback on Thesis Structure

Where:  Essex, UK
9 Sep 2015
: Consortium meeting with feedback on results and a PhD Thesis structure outline presented by all ESRs
10 Sep morning: Supervisory Board meeting
10 Sep afternoon: Plastid Preview
11 Sep: Plastid Preview (probably finish around 5 pm). Departure
Organizer: Prof. Christine Raines (Plastid Preview) + Prof. Colin Robinson

Description: The Plastid Preview Conference involves sessions on chloroplasts, photosynthesis, algae and cyanobacteria. This is a yearly meeting in the UK where virtually all of the talks are given by PhD students or postdocs.

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7. Major International Conference: ENCAPP - European Networks Conference on Algal and Plant Photosynthesis

+Closing Meeting

Where:  St. Paul's Bay, Malta
When: 26-29 April 2016 including Supervisory Board meeting
Organizer: U. of Copenhagen in collaboration with the ITN AccliPhot

The PHOTO.COMM network will organize a major international conference on microalgae and their exploitation together with the ITN AccliPhot. The conference will include seminars by invited experts in the field, talks by every ESR/ER in the network and poster sessions.

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